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Let’s make this the most reblogged photo ever.

True Love

Wonder how long he can hang on to this piece!


Blammo #8 is here! If you want me to send you a copy please paypal 5 bucks. include your address! 

This is for you @smokeandacoke

Women wearing shorts in public for the first time cause car accident. - Imgur


Music To Your Eyes…


I have a couple of prints available at Society 6, including this drawing.

Last minute #christmas #gift? #comics #art #ink

→ Downtown Lobby: Record Store Day: Black Friday


Black Friday is a very special day where even the finest people head out to the mall and are willing to draw blood for a discounted iPod. But while some people are fighting over handbags and televisions, bands and artists are releasing some very special records for Record Store Day….

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